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Own your brand.

Brand is everything. You don't really own your business until you own your brand.

Startups invest thousands in brand identity, logo design, web design, packaging, trade show swag, and more. Don't let your investment go to waste.

Trademark your brand name, ASAP. 
Protect what you worked so hard to build. 

Even better, reserve a trademark for your business before you make your first sale. I can help.

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My obsession with adding value for early-stage startups has led me to focus my business law practice on trademark protection. A trademark (or two) is the one of the best up-front investments a startup business can make. And I practice what I preach -- as a startup founder myself, I have made locking down trademarks for my business brands a top priority.

As a lawyer and entrepreneur, I wear many hats, including:

  • Founder of Good Food Boom®, a platform providing legal education and affordable tools for food entrepreneurs.
  • Co-Founder and General Counsel for Starting 11™, a daily fantasy soccer company (check out our app here.)
  • International Legal Consultant for the United Nations FAO in Mauritius.
  • Leadership team member for WE*, an organization supporting women-led startups in Minnesota.

I co-founded the Lawyers for Good Food® law firm (Jambor Heyman LLP) in 2013, and have helped hundreds of food entrepreneurs grow and protect their businesses.

I'm on LinkedIn and on Twitter @AmandaHeyman and @GoodFoodBoom. I love to hear from startup founders.

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Let's talk about trademark protection for your brand.  I'm based in Minneapolis, but I work with entrepreneurs across the U.S.

Send me a message via the form below, and I'll be in touch ASAP.  I'll keep any information you send strictly confidential.

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Food Law, Consulting, and Public Speaking


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Good Food Boom: Legal Firepower for food entrepreneurs

I founded Good Food Boom to answer the legal questions I've heard over and over again during the six years I've worked with food entrepreneurs. Savvy startup founders understand how the law affects their business. Achieve clarity at

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Legal consulting for institutions

My super power is making complex information easy to understand.

I use that power to lower barriers for food innovators. My goal is to open source the legal knowledge required to create a fair, resilient, and healthy food system. To that end, I work with governments, NGOs and academic institutions on projects designed to advance sustainable agriculture and to educate farmers and food entrepreneurs. My recent work has been with the United Nations FAO (developing organic agriculture laws for the African island nation of Mauritius) and with the cutting-edge practitioners at the Vermont Law School Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, where I am honored to be a Fellow in Practice.

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Public speaking

I frequently speak on issues relating to food law and entrepreneurship.

Representative speaking engagements include:

  • A "Startup Law 101" presentation for an MBA entrepreneurship class at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
  • A talk for the food law association at the University of Michigan Law School
  • A trademark Q&A for a Midwest Pantry meetup event for food entrepreneurs
  • A panel discussion for women startup founders on resourcing high-growth businesses
  • A "Movers and Shakers in Food Law and Policy" panel discussion at Harvard Law School
  • A podcast appearance for the Food Revolt podcast on trademarks for food trucks

If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event or to make a guest appearance on your podcast, please get in touch.