I help entrepreneurs protect their brands.


Trademarks for startup businesses. Education for food entrepreneurs. 
Legal consulting for food startups, advocacy groups, and academic institutions.



You're probably spending time, money, and energy on logos, packaging design, labels, trade show swag, and grocery store sampling. Maybe you're contemplating co-packing, distribution, and scaling up. 
Don't let your investment go to waste.
Trademark your brand name, ASAP. Protect what you worked so hard to build.

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Legal consulting

I can help you prioritize your legal needs and decide when and how to spend your limited startup dollars.

I also work with law schools and advocacy organizations on food law and policy projects and USDA-funded farmer education projects. 

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I created Good Food Boom to answer the questions I hear over and over again from food entrepreneurs.

Learn how to run your food business with confidence and peace of mind. Follow @GoodFoodBoom and check out www.goodfoodboom.com.

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