UN FAO Project Wraps Up

My debut on Mauritius national television (dubbed in French!)

My debut on Mauritius national television (dubbed in French!)

In my capacity as the United Nations FAO International Consultant on Organic Agriculture Legislation for the African island nation of Mauritius, I helped Ministry of Agro-Industry officials and a national team of consultants create a new national law regulating organic production, processing and marketing in Mauritius (similar to the USDA organic standards in the United States).

The draft legislation is now ready to be submitted to Mauritius lawmakers. When the new organic agriculture regulations come into force, small-scale farmers in Mauritius will be able to sell pesticide-free fruits and vegetables at a premium price. 

Project goals included enhancing sustainable farm livelihoods, domestic food security, increased access to healthy food, and improved soils and adaptability to climate change. I'm hopeful the legislation will contribute to all of these goals and more.

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Thanks to the national team for introducing me to the beautiful country of Mauritius and for supporting this important transition to more sustainable agriculture.

I can't wait to go back and eat my first local, organic, domestically-certified pineapple or litchi (while lounging on the beach, preferably).