Food Law

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Law and policy consulting for institutions.

Plainspoken legal and business education, legislative drafting, tech-based tools, human-centered design.

My super power is making complex information easy to understand.

I use that power to lower barriers for food innovators. My goal is to open source the legal knowledge required to create a fair, resilient, and healthy food system. To that end, I work with governments, NGOs and academic institutions on projects designed to advance sustainable agriculture and to educate farmers and food entrepreneurs.

My most recent work has been with the United Nations FAO (developing organic agriculture laws for the African island nation of Mauritius) and with the cutting-edge practitioners at the Vermont Law School Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, where I am honored to be a Fellow in Practice. 

Contact me about working with your food or farm organization.

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Firepower for food entrepreneurs.

I founded Foodblazer to answer the questions I've heard over and over again during the seven years I've worked with food entrepreneurs.

Savvy startup founders understand how the law affects their business.

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