5 Steps To Smarter Business Decisions In The COVID-19 Era

A battle-tested process that takes the drama out of decision making. Created for startup founders keeping their business afloat during troubled times.

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Here’s What’s Inside…

  • A plan to move from overwhelm and fear to awareness and action
  • A simple, repeatable method you can put into practice to start seeing results right away
  • The 5-Step Pandemic Analysis and how to implement it in your business
  • A framework to help you find out whether opportunities are hiding in the darkness

"The 5-Step Pandemic Analysis brought me from a state of feeling lost and panicked to collected and confident within 15 minutes. I was able to recognize that my thinking didn’t need to be manic just because a pandemic is occurring. It reminded me that I’ve got this and always have. #powerful"

Elizabeth Orme
CEO & Founder, Creatively Focused

Are you freaking out because your company

thrives on people getting together?

Whether you are struggling with canceled conferences, school closures, re-scheduled investor pitches, or the total collapse of in-store traffic, this is a challenging and uncertain time. No matter what is going on around you, though, you always have power over your own brain. Grab my free worksheet to get some relief from your whirling negative thoughts and find out whether opportunities are hiding in the darkness.


A Note from Amanda ...

"I created this worksheet because I know so many of my fellow startup founders are experiencing pain and panic. I've been successfully using these time-tested brain training methods to manage my own anxious thoughts and to coach other entrepreneurs. My company - a fantasy soccer platform - depends on the English Premier League holding matches every week. Those games are now cancelled. But I know from experience that good results NEVER come from anxiety-first decision-making. I am using the techniques in the 5-Step Pandemic Analysis to make good decisions and feel better in my work and my life -- even while practicing social distancing and working from home while my 5-year-old is home from school. And you can, too!” - Amanda

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